Shadow of the Cabal


Shadow of the Cabal is an Actual Play podcast that explores high tension, high drama, and high intrigue. We explore a variety of games and stories, but our focus is characterization, quality, and cliffhangers.

Having currently finished their first campaign, the cast of SOTC are currently working towards new content. Some set in different systems, but an eventual return to Legends of the Five Rings when Fantasy Flight Games launches the new Fifth Edition in late 2018. 

For now, please enjoy our content, join us on social media or consider pledging to us on Patreon to help support us.

Currently as of April 2018, Dakota is hard at work on a small mini-campaign which should begin airing in May: Blood Money - A Night's Black agents series. 

With more content coming in the future we are happy and excited to have you aboard with us.

Thank you,

The cast of SOTC: